Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mechatalk: My top 5 SRW original mech

Real Robot edition

As the part of 1st year anniversary of this blog i will reveal my top 5 SRW mecha in Real Robot category for this time and probably explaining some of the Realm of the darkness background. You might notice that i haven't been making some Mechatalk post for a while but i am planning to make another one since currently i didn't have enough time to make one. Without delaying any further i will show the candidates!

In the 5th position it is Virgola Glory! I guess the reason that this mecha made it to the least is mainly because of Setsuko because she is my favorite heroine. She is similar in a way with Ibis at least in my perspective. As for the Virgola Glory it is pretty much Virgola custom equipped with wings and heavily mutated Gunnery Carver which is the reason why this guy is really tough.

In the 4th list it is the Arblade custom! i begin to like this mecha when i played SRW Alpha 3. While it is not really strong i would say the this upgraded version of Arblade simply looks so cool. It is equipped with tons of armament but in the end Ryusei only need Blade Tonfa to create some destruction with this mecha.

Some people who had played MX might prefer Garmraid over Cerberus but Cerberus ignite is much better compared to Garmraid Blaze in my opinion at least in terms of Aesthetics. Cerberus Ignite is pretty much Reborns gundam with Sol Tekkaman 2 as the base model. The reason i like this mecha is due to the Theme and this mecha fits the characteristic of Hugo himself while it also reflect Aqua's battle orientation very well with its alternative form.

My second favorite is obviously Wildwurger which is my no.1 favorite from Katoki Hajime at the same time. My most favorite feature of this  its armor purge gimmicks which provide 2 different personality for a single mecha. The theme song is really kickass while some hates the pilot i think Arado is one of the character who had great potential in OG saga. If there is any SRC of this Personal Trooper with perfectly replicated gimmick i would probably get it in no time.

And the first place goes to Dis Astranagant which is quite obvious considering i had this guy as my Blog header. Technically Dis is more like a Hybrid mech rather than a Real Robot considering it has the power which makes it belong to the strongest mecha level in OG Saga along with Neo Granzon. Being the strongest is not the main reason why Dis become the blog header of this blog but it is rather that Dis perfectly represents "void" or "darkness" which is an aspect of this blog. Besides that the theme is kickass and Ingram himself is an awesome Anti-hero in SRW saga. Dis Astranagant is probably one of the best design that represent Deus Ex Machina and designed by Kazuma Kaneko himself. I feel that Anubis from ZOE is the source of inspiration for Dis Astranagant after i played ZOE.

Some honorable mentions

If i had played SRW J probably Raftclans will place the 5th position at very least. Raftclans is probably one of the better design for High-end Real robot which exudes aura of elegance. I had seen the attack videos of this guy and i find some of its moves are pretty cool. Probably i will use Touya as the pilot when i get this mech in SRW J.

If i hadn't played other SRW games than OG series probably Alteisen would still in top 5 position. Alteisen is definitely cool considering the pilot are badass but i think there are some other mecha that are as awesome as Alteisen which is why i didn't make it in my top 5 position anymore.

Exbrau would be a strong contender in the list if this guy managed to get in OG series which might happen in SRW OGs3. I like Exbrau since it has many different forms and probably my favourite are either the type-G or type-T.

This is the end of my top 5 list for SRW mechs for Real Robots but probably it will changed gradually as i explore more of the SRW titles. i will make the list for Super Robot for sure in the future. As for conclusion What is your favorite SRW original mechs? feel free to put both Super robots and Real robots in your list.


  1. >Implying Dis Astranagant is a Real Robot.
    OH U. That aside, yeah, Dis is one hell of a mech, it's design is plain awesome, definitely one of my favorites along the Alteisen Riese, Cybuster, Soulgain and the R-1.

  2. No way can Dis Astranagant or Astranagant be classified as real robot,
    Heck it can't even be classified as super robot,
    I say that it is in the God Robot class among Demonbane, Zeorymer, Eva-01 Awakening ver., and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (the one that uses galaxy as shuriken)

  3. Indeed Dis Astranagant cannot be considered as it is pretty much a Hybrid just like Cybuster however it's characteristic is considered as Real robot in @3 which Alegrias also belongs to Real Robot category that act as counterpart of Shin Ryukooh and DaiRaiOh. Another consideration is that without power of infinity cylinder Dis would be a Real robot in the end.

  4. Here's my top 5 Supers:
    5. Shin Ryukyuoh
    4. Neo Granzon
    3. Valsione R
    2. XN Geist
    1. Ialdaboth

    Ialdaboth's the best of the 5 because it's like the God Gundam on steroids when in Apothesized Mode. I've played Compact 3, the game it first premiere in.