Thursday, June 16, 2011

Should i put more Gundam stuffs? Conclusion

Thanks for everyone that have expressed their opinion about this blog by voting the polling that has been around for 6 months regarding whether i should add more gundam related contents in my blog. From the poll result out of 35 polls 14 people vote that i should add more gundam stuffs while 12 people prefer me to focus more on other mecha series and the rest think that my blog is good as it is.

Since the majority demand that i should put more gundam Stuffs i will be adding more gundam related content in the future and as i am speaking, i have ordered couple of MGs already and expect couple of new Gundam reviews in 1-2 months of time. I will also focus on Universal Century era first instead of AUs since it is my area of expertise and just the picture implies RX-78 NT-1 "Alex" would be one of the MGs that i ordered.already.

However Gundam will not be the main content of this blog after all as 21 out of 35 which is 60% prefer this blog to discuss other mecha series as option 2 and 3 of the vote are virtually the same in reality. Therefore this blog will try to focus on mecha series in general rather than focusing on one or two series only. Thank you again for anyone who votes since your voice shape the future of this Realm of Darkness.


Yami, owner of this blog

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