Monday, June 27, 2011

Gundam 00 Awakening of Trailblazer thoughts

More suitable for OVA material

It has been a while since i watched any anime since i am too occupied with life and have no time to watch any of them. Finally i watched Gundam 00 Movie which serve as definitive end for Gundam 00 Timeline. Overall thought the movie is okay since it is not bad or really good in particular. However as i said it is not quite suitable for movie since it focus on the story rather than action and the story is not really great in particular. Probably compared to Season 1 and 2 of Gundam 00, the movie is the weakest of all.

The movie takes place 2 years after the Season 2 finished where the world is relatively peaceful and Celestial Being are monitoring the world in secret. Each Gundam Meister are continuing their life until a new problem arises. Earth now faces threat from Sentient metallic being known as ELS which come to Earth as the founder of Celestial being predicted and 4 Gundam Meisters have to join with humanity to resolve the conflict with ELS. The story end with Setsuna succeed to communicate with ELS and went to ther Homeworld to negotiate for peace.

The main bad guy of this Movie are Alien race known as ELS. In a way they are similar with BETA from Muvluv and pretty much the toned down version of BETA. The ELS characteristic that they had in common with BETA are that they attack in large numbers and able to adapt the enemy tactics and provide countermeasure. Though ELS primary goal is to communicate with Humans unlike BETA where they aimed to kill humanities as their part of "recycle" process.

ELS seems to target people that have the potential to be Innovator which possess Quantum Brainwave and try to assimilate them as way of communication and the main protagonist Setsuna happen to be one of Innovators since in Season 2 he is shown that he possess quality of Innovator. Long story short Humanity see ELS as a threat and decided to retalliate against them.

The main reason why i say that the movie should be made into OVA(which can be made into 3-4 episodes) instead is that the movie waste too much time for unecessary stuff that should have been used for something mor useful since every seconds of a Movie really counts unlike a Tv series. The new character development in the movie is wasted since Descartes died too early where he could make greater impact if he is left alive until near the end of the movie. I also don't really like the philosophy of the series where "Peace can only be achieved by understanding" which i find to unrealistic and makes me think that Marina is a hypocrite.

While the story of the movie is rather terrible, the animation quality is top notch as expected from Sunrise. The movie also can be watched without prior knowledge of the series beforehand. The battle animation is great but really lacks even for Gundam movie considering the action is probably 20-30% of the whole screentime. Just like most of the fans complaint is that the 00 Quanta barely have any screentime and really lacks of action for a main character though the 00-Q still plays really important role in the plot. In conclusion i would say 00 Movie barely uphold the quality standard of Gundam series.

While it is not the worst mecha movie that i have watched i would say the movie could have been done much better. In the end i could only see that Sunrise or Bandai doesn't really care about the quality of the movie for some reason and consider the movie as additional advertisement for selling their kits. Definitely i will not get the 00-Q MG considering it is not that appealing. However the 00 movie is very good material for SRW scenario and hopefully SRW could fix the movie just like it did to Gundam Seed Destiny.

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