Thursday, June 23, 2011

My current kits on display

I have showed plenty of my kit reviews and now i think it is the time to show what kits are on display. Since i don't have any room for getting a glass display case i have to put my kits on Book drawer which is apparently unused. So far this is the kits that i put on display with the dynamic poses and you probably won't see some of the kits that i reviewed as i have no place for them. You might also notice that there are no any Macross kits on display since i have separate drawer to display those kits.

Lower half of the displayed kits
Upper half section
Out of all of the kits displayed, how many kits that you know? How many Gundam kits that you can see? Hint: All of the non gundam kits has already appeared in the review section of this blog at certain point.

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