Monday, October 10, 2011

1/72 Liger Zero Jaeger

Finally kotobukiya list the 2nd CAS Variant of Liger Zero and as expected it is Jaeger!  The kit will be released on February next year with the full kit or the option parts with cost of 7000 and 3000 yen respectively. For some reason the kit got is little bit more expensive compared to Schneider probably due to having more parts i suppose. Jaeger itself is the Liger Zero variant that is specialized for Reconnaisance or Lightning fast combat. It is equipped with more powerful version of Ion booster in order to achieve its goal. I am not quite a fan of Jaeger but i will get this one anyway since i will be collecting all of the CAS parts for Liger Zero. With this it is pretty much confirmed that the next CAS for Liger Zero that will be released is Panze which hopefully Kotobukiya would release.

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