Saturday, October 29, 2011

Super Robot Chogokin Zeorymer

Finally some information regarding the SRC version of Zeorymer has been revealed after its first appearence in the wonderfest this year. The SRC will be released around february next year with the price of 4800 yen and hopefully it is not Tamashii exclusive. While i am not into SRC lineup, Zeorymer will be in my purchase list since i am rather fond of with this guy. The SRC seems to come with the Giant Kanji letter of "Heaven" which appear whenever Zeorymer unleash Hades Attack. Zeorymer itself is the lead mecha of manga series called Hades Project Zeorymer which later adapted into 4 episodes OVA. Zeorymer is well known with its Destructive power as it possess infinite energy through Dimension Coupler System and really destructive power as it can unleash massive explosions equivalent to Nuke whenever it clasps its hands.

Source: cybergundam

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