Saturday, October 22, 2011

Legend of Galactic Heroes Stage Play

Just now i watched the Stage play adaptation of LOGH which was played early this year and i find it is okay but in the end really pales in comparison with the original series. The Stage play is roughly span around 2 hours and summarises the event in the first season of the anime on Reinhard's perspective exclusively. The stage play does not represent the setting of LOGH really well given that it is too futuristic at this time and the props does not really match the one it represent from the original series. I can still comprehend the lack of spaceship battle but i am extremely disappointed with the melee battle since Mittermeyer and Reunthal fight Ovlesser with a spear not a Battle Axe :( . My other disappointment from this series is the poor characterization especially Merkatz who is not that stoic.

Nevertheless some of the characters are played really well especially Kircheis(are you frustrated?) and Mittemeyer though i think Reinhard and Reuenthal's character can be improved. As a LOGH fan i am disappointed with the stage play but nevertheless i can see that there are some effort for it. If you are a LOGH find you might try to watch this one for an interesting experience of the series though don't expect the Stage Play had the Awesome Philosophy and Politics that the original anime had due to restricted screentime.

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