Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Another new SRW for PSP announced!

While we are waiting for SRW Z 2.2 Saisei Hen, Bandai Namco announced another new SRW title for PSP which will be released on January next year with the price of 6000 yen. The announced SRW will be the sequel of SRW Masou Kishin LOE which was released 15 years ago and got recent remade on DS and the sequel called Revelations of Evil God. Masou Kishin is the spin off SRW OG title that features the pilot of Cybuster, Masaki as the main character revolving around his adventure across the Subterranean world La Gias. Apparently the sequel will feature black version of Cybuster which is called Zelvoid(sp?) and probably play as the role of antagonist and somehow will be related to Shurouga(at least it seems so). Unfortunately i am not that well versed in Masou Kishin series and apparently there is a limited edition of the game that apparently include the touched up version of the first LOW so i might just skip the DS version and wait for this one.

Here are is the link of the screenshot of the game so far shown in Famitsu


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