Tuesday, October 18, 2011

1/144 Huckebein Boxer Review

It is Big! it is Boxer!!!!

Just as promised here is my review for Huckebein Boxer, by far this is the most expensive kit i have ever reviewed by this blog and the rarest one as well. Huckebein Boxer is the 2nd biggest 1/144 SRW kit ever made by Kotobukiya only defeated with 1/144 Daizengar(even 1/144 Cybuster is smaller than this guy). Like i said before i am content with amount of money that i spent in order to get this kit from YJA which i got it around 14000 yen included middleman fee despite this kit barely replicate the feature that the original Mech had.

Huckebein Boxer is the variant of Huckebein Mk-III equipped with AM Boxer which greatly boost its firepower especially for close range combat and compatible with AM Gunner. I am not familiar with the background of this guy since i didn't go through the route where Boxer debuted but from what i know it first appear during the standoff against Inspectors when they try to claim Mao Industry as their base and it successfully buy some time for the shuttle from Mao industry which carry some experimental weapon to retreat successfully. In some way Huckebein Boxer can be considered as mini SRX as it share some aspect of SRX in its design. The knockoff version of Mk III, Exbein also gain access for AM Boxer though the full Potential of it was never shown in the animation. The Official pilot of Boxer is Ryoto Hikawa who is the designer of this mecha at the same time.

Ryoto Hikawa is one of the SRW OG Protagonists who debuted from SRW Alpha 1 as generic original characters with Rio Mei Long as his partner. Ryoto is a genius Personal Trooper engineer with gentle personality and also a Psychodriver making him some kind of less emo version of Kamille Bidan. He debuted in SRW OG1 as Divine Crusader Pilot  during DC war and shortly joined Hagane Crews after his lion crash landed which is booby trapped by his own comrade. He fought along with Hagane Crews throughout OG1 and then work for Mao Industry due to his engineering skill until Inspector invade the Earth. Personally i find Ryoto is not the best pilot for Boxer since he is more focused with ranged weapons rather than melee. Moreover Ryoto's piloting skill is mediocre compared with Aces of Hagane team like Kyosuke or Ryuusei since his Hotblood Seishin cost 45 SP making him more suited as Supporting pilot and i find he performs better with Huckebein Mk II.For your interest Ryoto is a master of Karate despite his appearance and he is supposed to inherit his father's Dojo.

For this kit i did whole Paintjob for most of the parts except the White Runner, i used Tamiya Spray Paint Racing blue for the main color which surprisingly almost matching the original color scheme and Dark Blue for the alternate blue color. I kinda rushed the construction of this kit which gives it some imperfections. I could have fixed the seamlines if i wanted to since this kit had plenty of it. As a kit the articulation is further more limited as it is affected by the articulation of Mk III which mean not so much Dynamic Pose for this kit,

The Huckebein Boxer's Main Weapon is the Geist Knuckle which is the T-link Knuckle version of Boxer since Huckebein Mk-III is equipped with Psycodriver equipments. While it has short range it makes it up for devastating power and low will power requirement.

.Well since the Boxer Frame kit doesn't have much to offer with Articulation i might just posted the kit Holding type 3 Zankantou though if i had the SRX kit i would have given it Z.O Sword instead which fits it better. Unfortunately the kit is too heavy to replicate the Blade Kick pose which the original mech can pull it off without any issues whatsoever. Huckebein Boxer has an ultimate move is called G-Sword Diver where Huckebein Mk-III ride on AM Boxer transformed into some sort of Piledriver thing and pull a move just like Temjin's Blue Blitz or Great Mazinger's Great Booster though obviously this kit is unable to pulll off that gimmick.

Wanna get horned Son?

Just as you see the Boxer Frame is bigger than 1/100 Huckebein Mk-II despite the Mk-III is smaller though it still cannot beat 1/100 Alteisen which is still bigger by a few millimeter. With this i almost completed my SRW kit reviews which makes only a few kit left added to my collection. As a closure i would say i am quite content with the kit despite its severe limitations and barely represent any of the original mech's character. I still wonder whether the SRC version of Exbein is compatible with this frame since i think its size should be around 1/144 Mk III and i think i could get one if it is on great discount since i am not a big fan of Exbein either.

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