Monday, October 3, 2011

Martian Successor Nadesico

You get to Burning~~~~

I have been planning to watch this series for quite a while after finishing SRW MX and just today i managed to finish the series along with movie. Nadesico featured quite a lot in all SRW titles that i played only beaten by Dynamic Pro, Gundam and Nagahama Stuff. Overall i find the series to be quite enjoyable even the actual plot begin in middleway though in the end it turns up to be mediocre . Nadesico is lighthearted series though it can get really random or grimdark at a time.

Nadesico takes place in a setting where Humanities are confronting unmanned machines called Jovian Lizard which the conflict started from Mars colony and Human ends up to be great disadvantage as the opponent have barriers called Distortion Field which render conventional weapon rendered to be useless. Tenkawa Akito, the main protagonist of the series lived on mars until his colony is attacked and somehow he get teleported to Earth and ends up boarding the latest Battleship called Nadesico.

The story of Nadesico revolves around the adventure of Akito on Nadesico and his interactions with the crews of the ship which some of them have weird personalities and seem not to be soldier material which cause some hilarious moment sometimes. The captain of Nadesico itself is a young girl named Yurika Misumaru who had ditzy personality and really love Akito, though she turns out to be competent captain when it is necessary while she seems to be incompetent.

Nadesico itself is one of the few mecha anime that featured another mecha series in the anime which is known as Gekiganger 3. Gekiganger 3 is fictional super robot anime in Nadesico which is based on several classic titles (Mazinger, Getter Robo and Nagahama series) and play significant role in the anime. Later in the series the enemy turns to be Human and their code of warrior are heavily based on Gekiganger 3 which is ironic at some times.

Nadesico is one of the mecha series that does not really focus on the mecha itself and probably more on the battleship as the role of Nadesico show more importance throughout the series. As such there are significantly less mecha action.

I find the music in this series is quite good and animation is well made as well since i didn't find too many inconsistencies issue with this series. However i find the stories is not concluded really well and i could say Nadesico is one of the few animes that could have more than 26 episodes. Probably my least favorite aspect of this anime is the character design which i find their eyes are just too big even by anime standard.

I would say Nadesico is considered to be a regular mecha series which doesn't have any particular strong aspect. However you will still enjoy this one especially if you are don't really care about the Mecha stuff. I have just finished Prince of Darkness as well and probably will write the review next week.

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