Monday, December 12, 2011

ES Alloy Baikanfu / Vi-kungfu

Recently the classic mecha series Machine Robo: Revenge of Chronos get another treatment again. This time the lead mecha of the series Baikanfu got ES Alloy treatments which is a lineup made by Fewture that resemble with Megahouse Deformover and focus on classic mecha title from 70-80s era. The ES Alloy of baikanfu consist of 3 units which are Rom Stol , Kenryu and Baikanfu itself and Pile Formation gimmick also available where the smaller units can be put inside the larger one just like Matroshka Doll. The ES Alloy costs 8400 yen since the size of Baikanfu is 16.5 cm tall despite having an SD proportion. I am a big fan of Baikanfu itself considering i am still seeking for its Soul of Chogokin because it is one of my favorite unit in SRW MX and Rom Stoll is really badass for trolling the enemies at all times and i hope future SRW this could feature this guy again. 

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