Friday, December 2, 2011

Volks A3 Fubuki Get!

Got my package from Mandarake last week and seems like my last loot for this year. This version of Fubuki that i got is the Japanese Imperial guard version which i mistook it for the UN version when i ordered it from mandarake. I get this Fubuki for 2500 yen which is the same price with Tamase's Fubuki and probably the actual UN Fubuki would be more expensive. Apparently the Japanese Imperial Guard version of Fubuki seems to appear in Total Eclipse as part of the Prominence Project where Yuuya probably pilot it for a while. Definitely this won't be the last time that i get Volks A3 since i need to get F-4 and F-15 first before stopping collecting these lineup.


  1. How much you paid for the shipping? Been pondering for a while getting one of these A3 figures out of curiosity.

  2. @beamknight I had to pay the shipping for 1680 yen since i have to include tracking for paying with paypal. Otherwise i could have just paid it for 1180 if i use credit card.