Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas everyone!

It is abit late already but better than never, me Yami as the author of Realm of Darkness would like to say MERRY CHRISTMAS! While personally i don't celebrate Christmas myself, i begin to appreciate this very day that is considered to sacred for follower of Christs. Personally i think Christmas is not about having luxurious banquets or getting presents but gathering with your family and spend your precious time together which is something that money cannot buy. Being the last few days in the end of the year, Christmas is also the perfect time to reflect things we have done over last 12 months and think over what we should aspire for next year. For Christmas, other than the classic Christmas Carol i would recommend to watch Gundam 0080:War in the Pocket which is a perfect watch for Christmas. Once again i would like to say MERRY CHRISTMAS and hope we learn something valuable from this particular day.

Here is a music video that i find fits perfectly with the theme of Christmas

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