Monday, February 6, 2012


 Today i just received my new Camera which is a DSLR from DHL Courier. I bought the camera from a Hongkong merchant roughly for AU$630(which would have been really good deal if AUD was lower). With this i can get better quality pics for my reviews and  I chose Canon EOS 550D in particular since i find the specs is not too low or too high for my need. I hope with my new camera i could also improve my skills and learn more about photography. Probably in two weeks i will be able to make another review again as currently i got my hands full with things to do in real life. By the way i also just watched the PV of Saisei-hen and certainly look promising though i didn't expect Esther would pilot a Brasta and perhaps there is a chance that she will get a different mech for her upgrade.

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