Monday, February 20, 2012

1/144 Alteisen Riese WIP part 1

Recently i almost finished my entry for HLJ sci-fi modelling competition and thus allow me to have some time to work on my Alteisen Riese. I had this kit for 2 years already and as you can see my modelling skill back then is relatively bad and i feel the work i done to this kit doesn't do enough justice. I am going to do full paint job on this kit and i intend to work it in fast progress which should take about a week to reach my target and i also have prepared a special equipment for this guy once it is finished. For the WIP i will be breaking down the work by each parts starting from Legs then Waist, Torso, Head, Arms and finally the Backpack which i find will be taking plenty of work if not the arms.

These are the paints that i will be using which are sufficient for the Alteisen Riese color scheme though i think i am going to need another can for Bright Red paint since i am running low for it.

Stay in tunes.

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