Thursday, February 2, 2012

Red Eyes

     There haven't been plenty of mecha manga with Power Armor theme throughout the past, but there are some particular series which are really great and Red Eyes is one of them with more gritty setting taken in. Red Eyes takes place in semi-futuristic dystopian setting where modern warfare evolve with the introduction of SAA(Special Assault Armors) which grants "One Man Army" power to Soldiers. The series revolves around a soldier named Grahalt Mills who leads an elite SAA corps called "Jackals" who is also known for his prowess in battle which makes him had a nickname "Genocide". In the beginning of the series, his country fought a losing war and he is framed by his comrades leading him to be sent on death row. However Grahalt managed to escape and sworn himself to get revenge on his former comrades that betray him.

The manga is one of the best mecha manga that i have read so far since it incorporates plenty of military tactics and SAAs strengths and weaknesses are clearly shown. This manga is Seinen however as you will also see plenty of Gore fest, in a good way. Though some people might criticise the main character as he is invicible considering he is another Chirico Cuvie except that he is more brutal but i think Grahalt had his own charming points. Of course the design of the power armor in this manga is really awesome since the mangaka put lots of great details in the designs which is the main selling point of the manga. So far the manga had reached 15 volumes already though unfortunately the manga seems to be neglected by scanlators because it is not a mainstream title or some other reasons. I would say this one of the hidden gem in mecha series and you probably won't regret reading the manga if you are into these kind of stuffs.

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