Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1/144 Alteisen Riese WIP part 2

So now i am going through the first real part of the Alteisen Riese WIP. As you can see i am working on the legs first since it is easier to work on compared to the arms. Back then when i assembled this kit for first time i left plenty of nubs on it due to lack of proper tools and skill obviously. This makes me have to fix lots of the parts by intensive sanding then priming to double check the results.

SRW kits tend to be less popular compared to Gunpla due to lack of the series exposure in the west, but there is one other thing that makes most casual modellers stay away from them; which is Seamlines. The seamlines in Kotobukiya's kit tend to be located in visible parts unlike Bandai's MG which the newer kits concealed them well.

Recently i managed to use putty properly and i used Tamiya's Epoxy putty which is not the best for fixing seamlines but works anyway.

It's Nail Polishing Time!
The most visible seamlines on the leg parts is the back of the Thigh and the leg. Since i just learned how to use putty properly, there might be some minor inconsistency as there are still plenty of putty remained. I used Nail Polisher to remove the majority of the putty since Sandpaper will took ages to clean up the parts and then i sanded the surface to smoothen the surface and cleaning up some residues. I tried to isolate the parts to be sanded since it will leave plenty of clean up job if i didn't.

Here is some of the results from the putty usage which gives quite a satisfying result.

As you can see the putty really solve the Seamlines issue and if my skill was better, probably i can make the surface really smooth.

For the next WIP i am planning to work on the waist parts which is by no mean interesting but i am going to show more of the working results of the legs part.

Stay in tunes.

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  1. This are some serious real works to get things right. Enjoy the process!