Thursday, February 23, 2012

1/100 Type-00F Takemikazuchi Yui Takamura Deluxe version

In anticipation for the upcoming anime of Muvluv Total Eclipse, Kotobukiya decided to release a special version of the main Heroine's Type 00-F Takemikazuchi. The kit will be released around June this year with 5800 yen price tag. From what it looks, the kit will be given special coating just like some special edition of Gunpla. The kit will also will include Type-74 Longsword with special effects and some miniature Tank Class-BETA to join the ride. I really want the BETA so bad because i need some shooting targets for my Muvluv toys/kits but it don't want to buy the kit. Aside from rather expensive price tag, if i get a Muvluv kit, i will be painting them so i will get the regular version if i ever plan to get one. It seems that the kit will be get special packaging which is likely going to be some anime illustration. Apart from this kit, Kotobukiya also have announced 1/144 Takemikazuchi which might get them to compete with Bandai's 1/144 Bandai HG lineup.

Pics source Cybergundam

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