Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Frame Arms YSX-24 Baselard

Remember the new design of Frame Arms introduced early this year? finally Kotobukiya just announced the release of the model with official name "Baselard" which its name derived from a certain type of dagger. The kit will be released at the end of this year with the price around 3500 yen. From what it looks Baselard is a light armored type mech which gives heroic-looking impression. While the mecha frame is similar to Exbrau/Valhawk, in terms of armaments it appears Takayuki Yanase intend to mirror Baselard with Cherudim Gundam to some extent as its weapon are stored at the back waist like Cherudim Shield Bits. Probably one of the best looking Frame Arms so far and there is a chance we may see some variants of the mecha for future lineup released by Kotobukiya


  1. First thing that came to my mind when I first saw this is "Takayuki Yanase x Virtual-On" hahaha.
    I do agree that it's one of the best looking Frame Arms so far.

  2. Instant buy for me. This design looks badass and reminds me a lot of the Rasiel Gundam. Just a question, anyone knows what the hell is the giant triangular shield that appears still in black and white at the lower-right part of the main promo image?
    Kotobukiya recently announced a Frame Arms weapon set called "Extend Arms"... could that shield be included in a second weapon set?

  3. @hiroy
    Maybe it looks like Temjin abit

    I suppose that will be new version of MSG to complement Baselard since it appears that Kotobukiya is planning to make next generation of Frame Arms with Baselard as the starter.