Friday, August 17, 2012

Volks A3 F-15 Active Eagle Review

Shiranui Nigata's contender in Project Prominence.

 It seems that this month i am pretty inactive on my blog and probably will be until the end of this month since i got personal matterst to be taken care. Here is the review of another collection of my Volks A3 which is the 5th one i review in this Blog. Out of my Volks A3 collection i would say F-15 ACTV got the most unique look since it has auxiallary boosters instead of weapon racks unlike other TSFs.

Active Eagle is one of the Tactical Surface Fighter featured in Project Prominence where some of the major nations involved in collaboration for TSF R&D. F-15 ACTV represented Boening for next gen TSF which it competes with Shiranui for contract from Imperial Japan to be the new main TSF lineup. ACTV is actually heavily redesigned the widely used F-15 Eagle to improve its overall capability especially in terms of manuverability and detection ability which is said to be able to match with F-22(though it still doesn't make it a good TSF killer). In order to achieve this, ACTV is equipped with powerful Jump pack and additional boosters. In the recent Total Eclipse anime this TSF is featured in the episode 3 to 5 and likely to show up again in the future episodes.

 So far in Total Eclipse the Armament shown for ACTV seems to be the standard Assault Rifle and Combat Knife. Though i suppose lack of the armament is not the reason why Imperial Japan decided to choose Shiranui. But i suppose there is a possiblity that ACTV will be seen in operation on some parts of the world. As always articulation of this Volks A3 is terrible which makes the TSF seems to be sluggish.

While i am abit inactive this month, i suppose i can retake some shots for Fubuki which i will include some nice extras within. So far Total Eclipse anime is going well and still pretty much serve its purpose despite the last 2 episodes doesn't really have TSF stuff.

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