Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mobile Fighter G Gundam

Gundam Fight, Ready! Go!

Recently finished watching the series and it is the only gundam series that i watched for a while. I am really impressed with the series and easily G Gundam is my favorite Alternate universe gundam series. Some Gundam fan might hate this one since it might seems a bit silly. However as long as you like Super Robot series you will find G Gundam is pretty enjoyable.

G Gundam is really different compared to your typical gundam where the main settings are Global scale wars between 2 main factions since there is no war in the G Gundam universe. The earth which become center of conflict in each gundam series were devastated already and nations created space colonies. Instead of waging war with each other, the conflict are settled with tournament called Gundam Fight. Every nation sends one of their best fighter in order to join the fight and the nation of the victor will assume leadership of all space colonies. The G Gundam series focus on a gundam called Devil Gundam which appear during the 13th of Gundam Fight.

The main character of this series is Domon Kasshu, the Gundam Fighter who represent Neo Japan. In the beginning of the story he is travelling around the world, looking for his older brother; Kouji while defeating other Gundam fighters during the progress. The reason why he search for his brother since he was told that his brother stole Devil Gundam which cause his mother's death and his father frozen in the progress. As the story progresses Domon will learn the truth about the incident. The series is divided into 6 main arcs with 49 episodes in total.

The reason why this series become my current favorite is because G Gundam has many awesome characters within. Unlike most gundam series where the main protagonist are whiny emo teenager, Domon Kasshu is hotblooded though he is abit immature. My favorite character are Schwarz Bruder and Master Asia, both of them are simply awesome and easily popular characters from the series. The character development is good as well since the main protagonist start to be seemingly strong but he is flawed due to his rage, later on he manage to overcome his blind rage and does not let it controlled by it. The supporting character are pretty good since you will see Domon and other Shuffle alliance are broest among gundam pilots.

The downside of G Gundam is mostly the gundam designs. You will find some of the Mecha looks too ridiculous to bear the title of Gundam. Some of the fight are just boring considering God Finger will own everything most of the time without any significant resistance. Nevertheless G Gundam is the most hotblooded Gundam series.

For the pairing i prefer Allenby with Domon though Rain is perfect enough to be Domon's lover. G Gundam had pretty good pairings for the main characters considering each Shuffle Alliance member had their own lovers.

Overall G Gundam is a great series though not everyone might like it. This series is known as the first Gundam that use Alternate Universe setting which is followed by Gundam Wing. Yasuhiro Imagawa did a great job directing this series for sure.

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