Sunday, August 29, 2010

1/100 Gundam Heavy Arms Custom review

Reviewing one of my old kits

Few months ago i made this kit and i am sad that i am unable to make this kit good enough given that my modelling skill at that time was pretty bad. Gundam Heavyarms Custom is from Gundam Wing series and its major appearance is in the OVA Endless Waltz, though i think the first appearance is in the Battle of Pacifist. The pilot of this gundam is Trowa Barton one of the 5 gundam pilot in the gundam wing series, he is pretty acrobatic since he worked as clown in a circus during his free time.

Since my skill is not good at that time you will see plenty of nubs around the kit.

Gundam Heavy arms is one of my favorite Mecha in Gundam wing other than DeathScythe and TallGeese, i see this mecha in action for the first time when i played Gundam Battle Assault 2 (which is pretty good gundam fighting game)

1/100 Endless Waltz line up was pretty old, as a result the quality of the kit is very bad compared to the present gunpla, the leg articulation is pretty bad  and some of the parts need to be painted.

Main armament of Heavyarms Custom is a pair of double barrel gattling gun, not as powerful as Wing Zero's Twin Buster Rifle but looks awesome enough. Too bad that the right arm of my Heavyarms is weak therefore unable to lift the gatling gun.

The reason this gundam known as Heavyarms is because it simply has loads of weapons which is bunch of micromissiles hidden around the body which maybe able to match Macross Missile spam. Probably the main selling point of this kit, even though the kit's quality is not that good but at least the weapon gimmick is well made.

Endless waltz HG lineups might not be that good but you get waht you are paying, since this kit is pretty cheap for 1/100 gundam where Kotobukiya kit might have double the price of this kit for same size kits. Though in modeller's hand this kit can look really awesome.


  1. While I do see some nub marks here and there, you did a great job on this overall. At leats you bothered painting in the missiles! Mine was built almost ten years ago so it looks really crappy compared to this :D