Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nurarihyon no Mago

Currently reading the manga

I begin to read this manga a week ago after i am getting pics for a member's request in a certain forum, i begin to read this manga because i find plenty of pics for this series and it looks promising. Nurarihyon no Mago(Nurarihyon's Grandson) is Shonen Manga with supernatural genre. The story revolves around a boy called Rikuo who is a quarter youkai and happen to be grandson of Nurarihyon.

Nurarihyon in this manga is a legendary youkai who become master of the spirits 400 years before the story take place, but in the present he looks like an ordinary old man. Rikuo is able to change into Youkai who looks like Nurarihyon at night since he only possess quarter of youkai form. In this form Rikuo's personality is different and his strength is incredible compared to other youkai.

In the beginning of the story Rikuo wants to live a normal life as a human much to his clan members dismay and some of his grandfather's subordinates doubt his ability to lead the clan like his grandfather, though later on Rikuo tries to be a good leader for his subordinates.

Some of Rikuo's loyal subordinates, they have exchanged "Sakazuki" which is a pledge of loyalty by exchanging sake which is popular in japanese yakuza ,"Sakazuki" is one of the main key term in the series. Among the subordinates, Tsurara the "Yuki Onna" is  the most loyal to Rikuo since she really admire Rikuo in his Youkai form and probably has a crush with him.

I wonder if they will be officially become a pair since Rikuo also has some other possible romantic interest. As for his grandfather he married a human woman who he falls in love with, which explains why the Youkai blood in Rikuo thins, the woman's name was Youhime who was a noble saved by Nurarihyon from the main villain in the series 400 years ago.

Nurarihyon and Youhime

The main villain of this series is a fox youkai known as Hagoromo no Kitsune(Fox in robe) whose power grow stronger as the human's negative feelings grow. 400 hundred years ago Nurarihyon slain her with a blade which can only cut spirit known as "Nenekimaru" however Hagoromo no Kitsune is not able to die and sworn she will take revenge on Nurarihyon, in the present she possess a girl from a renowned family and plan to set her plan in motion again.

So far i had read up to 70 chapters only and in the current story, Hagoromo no Kitsune try to break the seals that render her unable to fully resurrect by destroying the seals created by Keikain "Onmyouji"(Exorcist) which are guarded by different houses of Keikain. So far she managed to destroy 5 out of 8 of the seals.

Overall it is a solid supernatural manga, if you have read Keikaishi or Ushio and Tora or other Supernatural series you might be interested in reading this one though it is pretty good for general manga reader as well. Nurarihyon no Mago is not my personal favorite but i admit that it is good manga.

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