Saturday, August 28, 2010

Brave Blade

Anyone playing this game?

So i have begin to play MAME32 games again which are game for the Arcade, when I was a kid I played in Game Arcade alot therefore i am feeling nostalgic about it. I am playing Brave Blade at the moment which is pretty amazing Shoot em Up games and the system mechanism is pretty unique.

So in this game you got 5 fighters to choose and each fighters have unique weapon. In this game the plane is capable of transforming into 2 different mode, plane mode and mecha mode. in the plane mode, it is just like the regular shoot em up planes while in mecha mode the weapon is powerful melee attack and capable of enduring some shots before going down.

The other unique feature is the during the mecha mode is that the fighter capable of creating shield which capable to soak up plenty of shots. As long as the bar in the bottom screen is not empty, the plane is able to guard which consume up the gauge. I will describe the available fighters now.

The first fighter shoot straight missile and during the mecha mode the weapon is sword which cover 270 degree around the fighter.

The second fighter has drill missile in the plane mode and move pretty slow(i guess the power is abit stronger as well then) and in the mecha mode the weapon is Battle Axe which is more powerful version of Sword

Third Fighter has homing missile which tracks down the enemy and the mecha mode's weapon is Pilum which attack the target in front of the fighter.

The 4th fighter which is my favorite, in the plane mode it has projectile which direction depends on the movement direction of the plane which is pretty useful against enemy in the back. While in the mecha mode te weapon is Lance which reach pretty far for a melee weapon.

I don't really use the 5th fighter so i don't really know about it , but in the mecha mode the weapon has pretty wide range in front of the fighter.

The total stage in this game is 7, every beginning of the stage it has layout shown from the picture above which looks somehow cool. the graphic quality is as good as the console game at that time so it is as good as Playstation Graphic which is pretty good at the time. This game difficulty is not as crazy as other difficult shoot em ups from Psikyo, since you had chance not to die in case you got hit if you manage to guard or at least change to mecha mode.

Here are the bosses in this game sorted stage by stage.

Last boss of the game

Brave Blade is pretty good shoot em up games and have really unique game concepts for its genre, i wish it has a sequel . If you play MAME i would recommend to try this game at least once.

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