Sunday, August 22, 2010

Watching Darker than Black currently

Finished the first Season

Recently i had begin to watch Darker than Black, it was an interesting series overall but in the end it is a mediocre anime because nothing is phenomenal and the story is not that solid.

Hei and Yin

Darker than Black focus around Hei(Black) the main protagonist of the series doing errands for his organization known as the Syndicate . He is a Contractor, people who had special abilities which makes them deadly weapon in exchange of something that they need to do as a habit(most of them are pretty weird). Contractors appear after an incident occur in Japan few years prior to the first season which is known as Hell's Gate incident, and soon after the war between contractors breaks out.

MI6 members seen in the first season

The missions that Hei takes always involving him confronting other contractors from Organizations that are at odds with the Syndicate and the most notable one are MI6 since Hei clash with them most of the time in the 1st season. When Hei is not doing missions he assume his identity as Li Shengshun a student from China who has a nice personality but when he is Hei he is a cold blooded contractor who will complete his mission no matter what odds he will face.

Hei's contractor ability is to emit electricity through a medium and in exchange he needs to eat alot which makes people around him wonder. Even without his contractor skill he is a proficient at infiltration and martial arts which makes him one of the most well known Contractor and earn a nick name as the "Black Reaper". During the mission Hei is assisted by Yin a "Doll" who acts as reconnaisance, Mao and Huang as support. Hei gradually develop feeling with Yin.

The first season tells about Hei doing his mission until near the end of the series which he decide to btray the syndicate in the end since the syndicate plan to eliminate him for their plan, the first season concluded with hei decided to run away from the syndicate and went into hiding with Yin which continued to the second season.

The series was disappointing for me because of several reasons, primarily because the pacing is terrible which makes the story went really downhill in later half of the series. Even though the characters are well written some of them died prematurely(perhaps the writer want to imply the war between contractors are bloody) which leave the possibility of the character development or their background to be finished.

November 11 is my favorite character, too bad he died in the 1st season

Darker than Black is pretty good show for general anime watcher nonetheless, but i think it is just another regular anime show to be watched in the spare times. I will be uploading the pics collection for this series next week.

Score: 7/10

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