Thursday, August 5, 2010

1/144 L.E.D Mirage 10th Anniversary version

It is time for me to get better at modelling

I just finished decalling this kit yesterday and give clear coat in the end, i can't expect much from this kit but at least it looks good enough for a finished model.

A short background of this mech, LED Mirage is the flagship Mortar Headd of AKD replacing Horned Mirage built by the ruler of AKD, King Amaterasu. this mortar headd is exclusive for FEMC headdliners to use and they only able to deploy this MH under permission of the high position FEMC Iemarah, Aisha, Rogner or the King Himself. This MH is the strongest MH throughout the Joker Galaxy which shows the unparalled MH meight skill that Amaterasu has.

I messed up in clear coating this MH i should have mark the kit after i finished giving the clear coating. If i had done that the result should have been much better.

I decided to assign this LED Mirage to Leopold Chrysaris which perhaps his position is inherited by his Grandson, Karrer Chrysaris. The reason i choose him is because he used LED mirage to fight an honorable duel with the 4th Black Knight, a reputable title for a master Headdliner.

This battle is pretty memorable because Fatima Est will lose her master in the hands of her friend Teata, who is the Fatima of Karrer Chyrsaris inherited by his grandfather.

Here is Leopold and Teata, i think Karrer look pretty much alike with his Grandfather.

For the Spaad (Beam Sabers in FSS) i paint the color the same as the illustration books shows and i am quite satisfied with the result, and as for the Veil(Shield) the internal parts i paint it pretty good as well. The only regret that i have is i shouldn't have used the spray paints in painting this kit at least after the parts are dtached from the runner, but this gives me very good experience in handling same condition in the future.

I won't give up in building FSS kits and i promise to myself that My Mirage Sarion will look much better and i can be proud of it.

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