Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Atlus is disbanded?!

Kinda late for news but i am sharing some of my opinion.

Honestly I didn't see this event will happen this fast, i know Atlus was in financial problem but i don't know it is this severe, from the news on monday Atlus was acquired by mobile phone company and thus there is no more Atlus company. Probably most of know this game company from Persona 3 which was a great success, but thanks to them some of good japanese game able to come to the western shore such as Riviera the Promised Land notably which was my favorite game as well.

Though the company that acquire Atlus state that it will still release the Atlus games but i wonder will it be true? just wondering if the US branch is affected by this acquisition which may cause some of the future titles won't be translated and also will Catherine be still made for the PS3?

Which company will share Atlus fate? NBGI or Nipponichi?


  1. Hmm... I haven't heard about this yet. I have to give Atlus props for translating the SRW:OG series even though I prefer to play it in Japanese ^^;.

  2. But thanks to them we have a chance to play some great games that was unavailable due to language berrier.