Saturday, August 21, 2010

ACE R Hi Nu Gundam confimed as unlockable

The game was released already yesterday and some news about the unlockable.
Information are from superrobotwar

It is confirmed now that Hi Nu Gundam is playable in ACE:R, just like my prediction it will appear in this game since it would be a shame that Amuro only has Nu Gundam for the 4th game since there was no Hi Nu in previous 3 ACE Game(though there is Nu Gundam HWS in ACE 3). For other unlockables VF-0S and Klan Klan in Meltrandi form is also playable,  9 ball seraph appear as well.

From what i heard Code Geass route is pretty awesome and the development is pretty good and probably it will have different outcome compared to R2(which was pretty bad trainwreck). It seems ACE:R will show promising result and now i wish that i had PS3 to play this game(probably i have said it plenty of times).

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