Tuesday, August 3, 2010

1/100 Wildwurger revisited

Doing some picture retake of my Wildwurger

It has been 2 months already since i reviewed this kit, last time the picture i not that good o i am thinking about doing retakes.

Wildwurger is my 2nd favorite PT(Personal Trooper) from SRW OG thus i decided to get the 1/100 scale kit of it and i was quite lucky to find it sold in half price. I am satisfied with my Wildwurger as it is despite plenty of the flaws.

Before moving to the pics here is the theme for Wildwurger

And now here are the pics!

Stag Beetle Crusher!

Jacket Armor, Purge! Wing Tenkai, Drive Zenkai!..........

Victim Beeeeeeeeeeeeak!

Too bad this time the lighting is not that good if not the pics result would have been better.

I hope that Kotobukiya will release 1/100 Wildfalken despite their major flaws with SRW kits, since wildwurger is not complete without the wildfalken. I don't mind getting 1/100 Weissreiter as well.

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