Monday, August 8, 2011

Mechatalk: Bang Doll

The secret weapon of Holy Kingdom Kubalkan

I have been wanted to make a mechatalk for this guy for quite a while already though i keep procrastinating until i decided to do it this time. Bang Doll is my most favorite Mortarheadd design in Five Star Stories for some reason that i think this guy is the coolest. In Joker Galaxy, Bang Doll is one of the strongest MH which probably stand a chance against LED Mirage and there are only 7 of them existed. Each of this MH are kept in utmost secrecy by its nation though from time to time, this MH find itself fighting with other famous MH and win which contribute to this MH's Legacy.

Bang Doll is firstly introduced in the 5th volume of the FSS manga during the Kastenpo Arc. The MH was saw in action fighting against Ashura Temple where its current headdliner Muse Van Reyback decide to launch the MH despite he is only ordered to investigate the incidents in Kastenpo which turns out to be related with Ashura Temple. In the end Muse managed to destroy the Ashura Temple after witnessing its mighty Dragon Claw and Muse was not given any punishment due to recommendations from several influential people that he met during the Kastenpo arc which include a Mirage Knight.

Bang Doll armament's include several ranged weapon stored in some parts of its body but one of the unique weapon that this guy has is special Speid(physical blade) which serve as Spaad(energy sword) at the same time and so far i have seen only Bangdoll that possess the unique sword. This guy also earned the nickname of Erupting Puppet due to its tranformation for the active form which literally "erupt".

In FSS the current Headdliner of Bangdoll is Muse Van Reyback who is a Kubalkan's temple knight in training and he has rank of Cardinal. His character is still naive but he has strong sense of Justice and he will the future Pope of Holy kingdom Kubalkan. As for his Fatima Shizu, she is one of the 45 Chrome Ballanche's Masterpiece fatima and has Asian type appearance. She is the Fatima meant for handling Bang Doll and she used to serve another Headdliner which pilots a Bang Doll as well and this particular Headdliner is well known for defeating the first Black Knight; Tsuri Peidoll.

That's all information that i know regarding this MH and definitely it won't be the last mechatalk about Five Star Stories universe. If Mamoru Nagano have finished his other projects and decided to continue the series, i would like to see Bang Doll have some more actions.

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  1. Awesome images, say where do you get these FSS pics that are not from the manga or official artbooks?