Friday, August 19, 2011

1/100 MG Zeta Plus A1 Review

Transformation is this kit's main selling point.

This another MG that i have finished after Hyaku Shiki and i decided to get this kit since i really wanted this model when i was a kid so i put the kit on my purchase list last 2 month. As it is older MG kits, don't expect anything good about the articulation as it is compromised for this kit in exchange of transformation ability.

From what i know Zeta Plus are some kind of mass produced model of Zeta Gundam as it is proven to be powerful machine and it debuts in Sentinel Gundam. Since it is the mass produced model of Z Gundam, it is not equipped with BioSensor but this ms is still capable of transforming into Waverider and non-newtype pilot could pilot this MS as well without any handicap. The version of Zeta Plus of this kit is A1 variant which is designed for mid ranged unit while C1 are meant for long range combat as they are equipped with Beam Smart Gun. The OYW ace Amuro Ray used this model with this custom color scheme during his time with Karaba probably until he get his own Zeta Gundam and i recall his version of A1 are not meant for space combat.

In this Review i will only cover Amuro Ray's background around Zeta era. After One Year War despite his heroic deeds, Earth Federation put him in home imprisonment due to the fear of his newtype ability. Around the Zeta gundam timeline, he decided to run from his imprisonment to fight against Titans along with AEUG by joining Karaba along with his former comrades back in OYW. Amuro assist AEUG through several missions until the Day of the Dakar where he splits with AEUG casts as they head to Space for last stand against Titans while Karaba stay on Earth to do clean up mission. Amuro probably piloted Zeta Plus as replacement unit for his Dijeh and probably did some mission around ZZ series as well.

For this kit i did some partial paint job on it, i repaint the orange parts in this kit since they look too dull out of the box. This time i managed to get most of the Dry Transfer decal successfully attached due to helpful guide from GhostofZeon if not i would be pretty frustrated already for doing this part.

If you expect good articulation from this kit, better you pick another MG kit since Articulation of this kit is pretty bad due to the reason i have stated before and as the pics shown it is hard to pull some dynamic pose from this kit. There is no rotation for the waist at all which restrict the leg movement severely, the hands are terrible as well as you won't be to hold the weapon properly.

One of the additional armament that Zeta Plus got is a pair of beam cannons attached on the hip as additional firepower though i don't think the Zeta plus still had the grenade launcher on the arm. If Zeta Gundam didn't have Biosensor probably Zeta plus is better in terms of performance.


Since i can't do any good dynamic pose for this kit i took some random shots like this one. The rocket punch stuff is actually inspired from the SRW 4koma where Kamille customize his Zeta Gundam to shoot Rocket punches which is quite hilarious.


The Waverider Tranformation is the best aspect of this kit which i also pull off some Gerwalk mode pics for fun. Transformation are not that difficult once you remember the process and the parts does not loose easily. Probably the kit is the best when it is posed in Waverider mode along with Zeta Gundam and Zeta Plus C1.

This is the comparison with Zeta Plus C1 which i built 2 years ago and i am planning to repaint this kit again since i did this kit terribly back then due to my lack of modelling skill. I also do plan to get Zeta Gundam as well and probably i will get version 2.0 which i heard it has great improvements over the original version. As for wrapping up i could only recommend this kit if you intend to pose this guy in Waverider mode since the MS mode sucks big time.


  1. great review! I luv Zeta Plus - all of them :D

    one little thing from what i learned Amuro never piloted Zeta Plus A1 - apparently that was more of a marketing strategy to sell more suits using his name

  2. Probably Amuro never ride one in the anime series though occassionally some of the Gundam Game show him piloting one of these Zeta Plus.