Friday, August 12, 2011

Nitro Royale: Heroines Duel

Rather decent Nitroplus Doujin fighter game!

If Typemoon have their series got fighting game so do Nitroplus which is Nitro Royale Heroines duel which feature the heroines of their VN titles. I recall this game was sold in the Comiket few years ago by Nitroplus and in terms of quality, it is severely outmatched by Melty Blood which is the doujin fighter of Tsukihime series. Nevertheless the game still serve a good fanservice for Nitroplus fans.

 Nitro Royale feature 11 characters and each of them are from different VN titles made by Nitroplus. Nitroplus are able to make the fighting game from their series easily since most of their title have fantasy theme where most of their main character are competent fighter. Here are the Nitroplus VNs titles that had their characters featured:
  • Phantom of Inferno
  • Kyuuketsuki Senki Vjedogonia
  • Kikokugai
  • Hello World
  • Demonbane
  • Saya no uta
  • Angelos Armas
  • Jingai Makyou
  • Hanachirasu
  • Gekkou no Carnevale
  • Demonbane 2
It is a bit embarrassing but by the time this article was written, i have only read 2 of the VN titles on the list which are Saya no Uta and Kikokugai though i plan to read Demonbane and Hanachirasu at some point since the translations are available. In this game my favorite character is Al-azif since she is really solid in ranged combat and seeing some Demonbane action are just awesome.

There are several modes available in this game just like other fighting game and the main part is the story mode. The heroines from the included series are gathered together by some unknown force and they have to enter the battle of Nitro Royale where they probably got their wish granted when they win against other 9 contestants. Each of the heroines will face Another Blood as their final boss even for Another Blood herself.

The gameplay of Nitro Royale is rather sluggish and slow paced compared to melty blood which is quite understandable since the budget for this game is probably rather limited. Each Heroines at least have one special attack which is related with her character and one special attack which involve other character from their respective series which are usually the lead male protagonist.

This game also feature Saber from the Fate/Zero as the hidden opponent which you occasionally fight before the final boss. Too bad she is not playable since she still belong to Typemoon and Nitroplus only managed to get her appeared in their game due to their collaboration for the Fate/Zero light novel.

These are all of the Ending CG for all of the heroines in Nitro Royale though i still wonder if i could post Saya's ending CG since her CG is rather risque. Probably my favorite ending would be either Ignis or Anna's ending since they have rather heartwarming scene and Al-azif's being the most random one. If you want to play this game with expectation of enjoying the gameplay i wouldn't recommend it and it is better to play Melty Blood instead which is at least not that bad compared to major 2d fighting game title like Blazblue or Street fighter.

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