Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Yokoyama Mitsuteru's Sangokushi

Out of several Romance of Three Kingdom manga adaptation, i find that Yokoyama Mitsuteru's is probably the most faithful one with the original novel. Despite the series started in early 70s i would say it is still pretty enjoyable to read. Just like original novel the manga depicts Liu Bei as the good guy and Cao Cao as big bad villain. But what makes the manga really great  is that it tries to flesh out some major characters motives which provide some plausible explanation of their character depiction in the novel. Long story short if you want to read most faithful manga of RoTK i would recommend this one. As of now the manga translation is still ongoing  in the middle of battle of Red Cliff which is probably still halfway of the whole series.


  1. I grew up reading this manga when I was in grade school. I always borrow it from our school library, the first time was out of curiosity, because I've already read all the mangas available in the library, I think the first time that I've took it home, I didn't bother reading it, but then my dad saw this manga and he read it and asked me to borrow the succeeding books. It's my first time seeing my dad reading comics/manga that's why I got hooked into it too. Its a good read actually with all the fascinating stories involved in the Three Kingdom history. Plus there are a lot of video games and series that were inpired by Three Kingdoms. :)

  2. At first i just pick this manga to read on a whim when i was waiting the update for Ravages of Time and after a few volume i get hooked so fast. This makes me appreciate older manga more especially around 70s to 80s.