Friday, September 30, 2011

MG Delta Plus working progress part 2

This week i have been starting working on my MG Delta Plus and so far i have completed repainting one of the arm and leg which i intentionally do for comparison. I sand all of the parts where i use the lower grits for external armor. I used TS-21 again for the gold parts just like my MG Hyaku Shiki and some TS-40 and TS-18 for black and red color.  I should have get a design mat for better representation of my WIPs and probably i will get one sometimes later.

I used the repainted version of Delta Plus as my base of work which i find from GundamGuy though i still use my MG Hyaku Shiki for some paint guide.

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  1. How nice, my MG Delta Plus is still in my storeroom. One of my many backlogs.