Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Danball Senki LBX 010 Odin

In last few weeks i have been playing Danball Senki after taking a break from Saisei-Hen. I find the gameplay of this series is really fun in particular the customization level despite the story is rather bad(since the series are meant for kids). This series is quite similar Medabots except it is smaller and probably you will like Danball Senki if you were the fan of Medabots. The mecha toys in Danball Senki are called LBX and After i played the game i got myself interested to get one of the kits that Bandai released. The first kit that i plan to get is the Odin which is the LBX used by the main protagonist. Odin is the replacement LBX that Yamano Ban gets after his Achilles got wrecked in Artemis tournament and just like Achilles, Odin still use lance as its primary weapon. So far the Odin is the only LBX that are capable to transform (barring ZX3 which can combine together) and even got special finisher in its transform mode. I would recommend to play the game which is one of the better mecha games that PSP got or you can try to watch the anime series because Level-5 make this series have really good production value.

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