Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Riviera the Promised Land

One of my favorite RPG game back in the past and yesterday i managed to complete my first playthrough for the PSP version which i have been neglected for years i guess. Riviera is probably one of the more interesting RPG game that i encountered throughout my gaming journey where the story is loosely based on Norse's Ragnarok saga. The game offers one of a kind RPG Gaming experience and have great musical score as well. Though the story of Riviera is less desirable with typical JRPG story and pretty terrible script. Somehow i also find the PSP port is quite lackluster compared to the GBA version mainly due to full voiceover feature which is a bad move in my opiniion and some utility issues as well. Nevertheless i really loved the game back when it was in GBA as it is easily one of the best game in the platform in terms of graphic and music. For my first playthrough of the PSP version of Riviera, I managed to get the Ending for Serene just like my first game in the GBA. Serene happens to be my favorite heroine in the game because she is really adorable when she goes dere mode despite her tomboyish personality. Riviera is probably the stepping stone for its Developer, Sting which helps them to release some more interesting RPG titles which you can try Hexyz Force or Yggdra Union which are decent titles released by them.


  1. Oh Riviera, it's been so long since I played it in the GBA and I loved every bit of it. I remember looking for the game like crazy in order to play it and the same thing happened with Yggdra Union, which by the way, is insanely hard.
    Too bad I don't have a PSP as Sting released all of its games there, damn.

  2. Haha glad to know that you liked this series too Beamknight! Probably Riviera is the game that made me attached to GBA until PSP comes out.

    If you are an RPG fan, PSP is quite good investment despite the platform is near the end of its lifecycle since they got plenty of good RPG titles and you can also get the PSP relatively cheap nowadays.