Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rewatching Legend of Galactic Heroes

It has been 2 years already since i watched the main series and up until now Legend of Galactic Heroes is still the best anime that i have ever watched. I rarely bother to rewatch the anime that i have finished already but for this Masterpiece I will give an exception as i wanted to see the series in its best form considering i just got the Blu-ray version of the series recently. Currently i am on the first season of the series, while there are not much difference with the DVD version some of the scenes are remastered up to LOGH Gaiden Quality of animation like the episodes 26(which is still really sad as ever ;_;). Along my 2nd run of watching LOGH i also intend to collect meaningful quotes of the characters which the series have plenty of it especially from Yang Wenli because i think this the only thing i can do to help this series. If this series had been released on the West considering there were plans to do it back then(there are dubs samples) i think LOGH would get the attention that it really deserves which is my only regret for the series. Anyway for those haven't watched this series i would like to recommend watching this series again since it is simply one of the best series that animation world ever created which we don't see much these days.

By the way this the Dub sample for the LOGH which are really decent actually

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