Friday, June 1, 2012

Drifting Classroom

Another manga that really have good story and can't be judged by its cover. I think out of old manga series, Drifting Classroom is the best when it comes to story department. The series tells about the life of a group of kids stranded in apocalyptic world after an explosion happen in their school. It appears that they are stranded in the future where civilization have collapsed and one by one their members died due to attacks by creatures and they have to defend themselves as most of the adults died. The story is quite grimdark for a shonen series of its time but it teaches plenty of moral lessons as well and somehow the series also remind me with Lord of the Flies novel. In short if you want to find some Shonen series with good story try to read this one because Average shonen titles in the present lose directly with Drifting classroom when it comes to story.

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