Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New SRW OG for PS3?

Got the scans from /m/ but so far i am not sure yet whether this scan is legit or not. However andriasang do confirm that there will be new OG series released for PS3 in near future. From the scans SRW D and MX will be joining in the game with some other minor original characters from other SRW appear as well. Kusuha and Ibis got their units from Alpha 2 and probably start their Alpha 2 plot as well. It is still unconfirmed whether the new OG title will be OG3 or the remake of previous OG series but probably it is the former one since i don't think a remake would be a good strategy for great series to land on PS3 for first time.

Some of new mech shown in the scans are:
-Flickerei Geist(looks like AlteisenxWeissritter offspring)
-Jinrai(4th DGG?)
-Exbein Boxer
-New Gespenst Variants for Octosquad


  1. I see RaiOh in one of the scans, that's all I need to be happy.
    PS3 isn't region locked... right? Because then I could very well import this game rather than ripping it off as I had to do with all the ones of the PS2 =p.

  2. PS3 are not region locked definitely which is a good news. It seems that Raioh is confirmed to debut in this game along with new mecha Jinrai which somehow had relation with it.