Sunday, May 22, 2011

Non Scale Granzon Review

The strongest mecha in Original Generation has appeared!

The build of this kit is delayed for some time which cause it takes a while to make the review. I had to admit just like other modellers, Winter is definitely not a good time to make plastic models since the weather is difficult for painting. I decided to get this kit probably due to having 1/144 Cybuster and as a sake for completion i decided to get this kit. Probably after this i won't be making kits for a while since i won't have time for it in near future.

Granzon is one of the mecha created by the Divine Crusader for the purpose of the divine wars which cost 2/3 of Divine Crusaders war budget(I wonder why Bian would agree to build such thing) and use the optimised Black Hole Engine. As such Granzon is capable to confront 65000 opponents at the same time and still win nonetheless. The first appearance of Granzon in OG verse is during EFA exhibition at Antartica where Granzon suddenly attack and destroy Noah class battleship Shirogane and disappear. Later on Throughout OG1 and OG2 Granzon ocassionally appear either as ally or enemy. The pilot for Granzon is Shuu Shirakawa.

Shu Shirakawa is the Designer and the Pilot of Granzon. He is one of the smartest guy  in OG verse as he had several PhD in such young age and enigmatic at the same time. He serves as the primary villain in the Lord of Elemental as he tries to resurrect Volkruss where the pilot of Cybuster is the main character. Shu is responsible for Masaki's stepfather death which is why Masaki chased him to the Earth in OGverse. While Shu doesn't play huge role in both OG1 and OG2 as he shows occassionally either as ally or enemy. He seems to be making the main characters play into his scheme which ultimately leads to his plot in OG Gaiden. While i am not well versed with LOE i know that Shu is controlled by some evil entity and he tries to break free from its control and claim his destiny.

For this kit i repaint everything since i find the plastic color of the kit is quite terrible which looks like a cheap plastic. Honestly i would say this kit does not worth the price of 5800 yen and probably it worth only 4500 yen in my opinion. However for some reason the kit is quite rare considering this kit is quickly sold out for some reason either in HLJ, Amiami or Hobbysearch.

The other reason why the kit doesn't worth the price is that articulation is bad even for average SRW kits mainly due to its bulky stature. I am disappointed with the articulation since i am unable to make some Dynamic pose that i desire. Unfortunately during the construction of the kit i lost the chest orb for the center of Granzon which somehow important for the mecha.

The reason why Granzon is known as the strongest mecha in OGverse is because the power of Granzon is in Deus Ex Machina Tier considering it is the OG counterpart for Zeorymer. Granzon possess the destructive power of a Black Hole considering it is able to unleash fraction power of it through the Blackhole Engine. I remember back in OG1 in GBA where i always try to avoid him at all cost since it is able to one shot my party easily though for some reason Granzon is not that tough in OGs. Granzon probably will hold the title of the strongest mecha until either Astranagant/Dis Astranagant shows up in the future competing for the title.

Granzon itself doesn't possess many armament considering with its Black Hole engine alone it is capable to create lots of destruction. The first weapon of Granzon is the Gran Worm Sword which Granzon retrieve it through the wormhole when it engage in close combat. While Granzon looks really bulky it is surprisingly really fast as it is able to travel through the wormhole to approach the opponent.

Usually with Gran Worm Sword, Granzon perform 2 hit combo slash starting with upward slash and ended with a heavy cleave. Unfortunately i cannot depict the pose the best due to the articulation and the shoulder armor also obstruct the pose as well.

The kit also comes with the alternate version of Gran Worm Sword which is probably used by Neo Granzon since i never see Granzon wield this one when i play OG1. Probably the sword change its shape since it is either infused with magic by Neo Granzon or mutated in the wormhole.

The second attack of Granzon is Gran Worm Smasher where Granzon unleash multiple energy projectiles through the wormhole which is targeted to the enemy. This attack is quite hard to avoid considering the attack direction is unpredictable and appears suddenly.

The strongest arsenal of Granzon is its infamous Black Hole Cluster which is the counterpart of Zeorymer's Meioh Attack. Granzon draws the power of Black Hole Engine to maximum which allow him to create a dark sphere containing fraction of Black Hole power. When it is thrown it causes distortion effect which try to suck the opponents to the blackhole which will result in absolute death when the opponent is totally sucked in. Just like Meioh Attack, the Black Hole Cluster comes with the normal version and MAP attack. Probably earth would be destroyed if the Blackhole Cluster and Meioh Attack should collide.

Compared to 1/144 Cybuster, the Non Scale Granzon is slightly shorter compared to it while in reality Granzon should be more or less as big as Cybuster. I am planning to make the battle scene between Granzon and Cybuster if i have time. I wouldn't recommend this kit unless you are big fan of Granzon since average SRW fan would be greatly disappointed with this kit

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