Wednesday, May 11, 2011

SRW Z2 Get!

Finally i got this game on my hand. I bought the special edition of the game from amiami which cost 7000 yen with shipping. Surprisingly i find the price is much cheaper than Play-Asia which has this game around 90 USD. I decided to get the special edition one since it only differ 500 yen with the normal version. I won't be playing the game anytime soon since i need to finish SRW Z first before going on this one since my progress of the game is 60% already

you got the paper case for both Z2 version along with special booklet and code for downloading the Original mecha theme song. Hopefully the limited edition for SRW Z2 part 2 would be more flashy. If you want to get this game better buy it from Amiami since it is 5500 yen only and shipping probably cost 500-1000 yen.

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