Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rance 8/Quest News Update 2

For the Rance Quest update, so far the progress had made into music testing for the game. Rance Quest had the official homepage made in Alicesoft website and it has made into VN Magazine indicating that the game will be released soon. Another Heroine  seems to be joining Rance's journey this time who is Kopandon Dotto. Kopandon is one of the recurring character in Rance series if i recall her first appearance is in Rance 5D. She is a miko from Portugal who is another part of Rance's Harem. Kopandon is the richest girl(other than the princesses) that Rance had ever relationship with. Probably Kopandon try to win Rance's heart by giving him expensive gifts. In Sengoku Rance it is mentioned that She is the one who stole Maria's Tulip Cannon and sold it to Tanegashima house where it becomes the base of Tanegashima rifle.

Apparently the gameplay for Rance Quest is going to be 3D dungeon explorer unlike the previous Rance game where it is first person dungeon explorer. Personally i don't think it would be a good idea considering it will be compared to console games which has similar genre and probably better most of the time. However Alicesoft's game are usually great when it is compared with other Visual Novels.

I think there is a good chance for Kenshin to reappear in this game since one of the official arts for Rance Quest show that she is eating along with Rance. I wish Uruza would show up in this game as well because she is one of my favorite heroine in Sengoku Rance

Here is the homepage for Rance Quest though it appears to be unaccessible for Gaijins :(

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