Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1/144 Cybuster / Cybaster Review

Another impressive yet very flawed SRW kit.

So far this is the most expensive kit i had ever bought. I had quite a numbe of Model kits above 4000 Yen but this is the most expensive even with the discounted price for a single product. I would say the kit looks amazing but doesn't worth 7800 Yen at all.

Cybuster is one of the Super Robot in SRW OG verse with Magical theme. This mecha is one of the 4 Elemental Lord in La Gias and it is the lead mecha in SRW Lord of Elemental. Cybuster is Grade A Wind type Masouki which are only 4 in existence. The pilot of Cybuster is Masaki Andou.

Masaki Andou is your typical Super Robot main protagonist. In SRW OG story he is chasing Shuu Shirakawa in order to defeat him since he had a bad blood with Shuu. He end up helping OG team during the Aerogator invasion. He had a quite a bad sense of direction since he always ended up in wrong place wrong time. Masaki is also accompanied with 2 Familiars since he is Cybuster's pilot and His familiars are Kuro and Shiro which are black and white cats respectively and they are able to speak human language.

This kit comes with more detailed version of Dis Cutter or Zephyr Sword in english version and i will refer it as Zephyr Sword in this review. Zephyr Sword is a multipurpose weapon. Other than for melee combat, this weapon is used as the medium of several Cybuster's technique.

The coskpit of the Cybuster is located at the waist which is kinda unusual. The cockpit also has Laplace demon computer which are sought after by many people though i don't know in details since i haven't play Lord of Elemental.

One of the feature which this kit have and the nonscale kit doesn't have is the High Familiar. It is the combat drone that are contolled by Masaki's Familiar.

The other new feature that this kit has is the ability to transform into Cybird which enable Cybuster to move even faster. In the game Cybird has the highest movement compared to other mecha without Accel or movement boosting parts.

Cybuster's strongest point is its speed. It is one of the fastest mecha in OG Verse, capable to travel around the world less than a single day. In the game this guy is one of your best unit considering he hits pretty hard and dodge better than most Super Robot. Though this guy is quite fragile and won't last long if it got hit too much.

As for the kit, the details are magnificent and you don't need to paint anything except the Dis cutter and the High Familiar's eye. However this kit still suffer from articulation problem due the obstructing armor parts and the kit is pretty fragile with some of the parts easily loose unlike your Master Grade kits. The kit also backheavy due to the massive wings. My greatest disappointment is that the action base come with the kit are pretty terrible since the Cybuster won't be standing straight in this action base. I wish Kotobukiya could put some more effort for a kit that cost 7800 yen.

Cybuster is mainly close range unit and its Zephyr Sword are pretty reliable for this duty not to mention that Masaki is pretty proficient in close combat. This weapon is one of the stronger melee weapon that doesn't require any energy or willpower to use.

One of the Cybuster's secret technique is Cyflash which is deadly MAP attack due to the ability to use it post movement. Cybuster channel energy through the Zephyr Sword and summon bolts of energy striking down enemies within its range. Too bad Masaki had pretty bad accuracy which often require him to have strike/attune casted first before using this technique.

Cybuster able to summon High Familiar from its back which are sent to strike down enemies from the distance. The High Familiar are somewhat similar to funnel from gundam universe though they are larger in size. These drones are shooting down the target with solid ammunitions controlled by Shiro and Kuro. I don't know whether those cats control the familiar from a distance or they personally piloted the High Familiar itself.


This is the trademark attack of Cybuster; Akashic Buster. Cybuster summon fire elemental from its sword in the form of Firebird. then Cybuster shrouded by the fire elemental are ramming through the enemy with a kamikaze attack(though Cybuster didn't blowup). Dairaioh's Jinrai is also somewhat similar with this technique.

Cosmo Nova is the Strongest Technique that Cybuster had in OG verse so far. Cybuster summons up many energy rays that cluster up into 2 large Light Pillar that crushes down the enemy. In OG1 it is the strongest attack from a single mecha and even Grungust Type 0's Zankantou is defeated by it in terms of base power. However this weapon is one shot so you need to use it wisely.

Despite it is a pretty big kit it is unable to rival 1/100 Alteisen's size yet which is by far the 2nd largest SRW kit ever made. I wouldn't advise to get this kit unless you are a big fan of Cybuster since it is too expensive and 5800 Yen is the most suitable price for this kit. But it is much more amazing compared to the nonscale version which i consider to lackluster. I wonder if Kotobukiya will do any more Masoukishin Mecha since i wouldn't mind to get a nonscale Granveil.


  1. jadi hashmal terinspirasi dari ini :D

  2. Come to think of it Cybuster Cybird mode does resemble abit though i still think Hashmal resemble more to Metal Gear Ray in terms of design