Monday, February 14, 2011

1/144 Shishioh Blade Review

A brief review for this weapon

This is not exactly a review considering I just repainted the weapon and want to show the result of it. I decided to repaint the weapon since Gundam Marker doesn't do any justice for painting this weapon. So i sanded down all of the paint, prime all the parts and repaint the Shishioh Blade.

The paint makes the weapon looks much better though i had pretty annoying time to mask the Sword's Hilt and the Scabbard since it takes time to mask the parts due to being really small and curvy surfaces. In this review i also experimented with lighting effects and i had to admit that with simple lighting the photograph result looks much better.

In this review i also would like to share a little bit story about this weapon. Shishioh Blade is one of the secret weapon that you can get in SRW OG1 and OG2 by meeting some objectives. This weapon is pretty worth it since this is the strongest melee weapon that can be equipped by Most Units and it also has high critical rate. Whoever had this weapon equipped on basically becoming Mini-Zengar though preferrably this weapon is given to anyone who are good in close combat. In SRW OG i give this weapon to Kyosuke since his strong attacks are ammunition based and runs out pretty quick.

Currently i played SRW OGs in the OG1 part Ryusei Route. So far i had completed 30 stages and 12 more stages until i finished the game. I would say the game is just really great compared to the GBA counterpart due to awesome mecha animation, better soundtrack and more secrets. In GBA version you won't see any cool cutscene for Shishioh blade like the OGs version since in that game it is only a plain single slash of the weapon.

To conclude this review i would to add some information about this accessories. You can equip this weapon to other SRW kit though the kit need to have the hand big enough to hold the sword and the scabbard. My repaint attempt for the Shishioh blade was meant for my project in the future and not for Alteisen Nacht definitely since this weapon will be involved in that project.

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