Thursday, February 10, 2011

Trombe and Granzon GET!

After a month of waiting i got both of these kits from AmiAmi. I had already planned to get these ones to add the collection for my SRW kits. Both of these kits are nonscale considering their real size are very big which makes 1/144 scale less plausible. AmiAmi had great sale for Aussenseiter right now and Granzon seems to be sold out though it is still available in Hobbysearch and HLJ. I used to plan buying this kit but i was late at making some decisions. Definitely it will be a great company for my Daizengar.

As for Granzon, i had no intention to get this kit until i got my 1/144 Cybuster. It seems that Kotobukiya decide to make it non scale since 1/144 kit would be too bulky which makes the kit really expensive despite the mecha is as tall as Cybuster.

I won't be building these anytime soon since i still had some more kit to work on first. I am still waiting for my another 2 SRW kits coming probably by next week and 1 in particular is pretty special.

I also got some Modelling Support Good Stuffs for Frame Arms kit. I didn't expect that the parts come unpainted which is not a problem for me but now i really doubt that Frame Arms kits are meant for beginners.

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