Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wonderfest 2011 Kotobukiya releases

This year expect some Awesome releases by Kotobukiya. First of all SRW kit will get a Soulgain to add the lineup. This is one of the mecha that i have looking forward to get and definitely going to preorder this kit.

And Zero Schneider is confirmed to get a release for Zoids kits and this is one of the kit that i am looking forward to get as well. Fortunately Kotobukiya is considerate enough to release the separate CAS parts for the ones that had 1/72 Liger Zero already. Another kit that will be added in my list this year.

Didn't expect Zero will be added to Koto's Rockman lineup this fast. Thinking of getting this one as well if the price is reasonable.

Frame arms Lineup also got another new design and this time it appears to be another lineup for Gourai. I won't get this one but probably will get the 1/100 Lapieal which will be released this month.

All of the information are from Cybergundam


  1. I'm excited to see Zero being confirmed and announced at last. From the words on the promo poster, it seems that we will be able to get it around June to August.

  2. I would be more excited about SRW kits if they were made by Bandai since they have the higher quality plastic and engineering. Owning a few kotobukiya kits, I'm still a bit put off by their cheap plastic and high prices.

    I think I'm the only who is disappointed that the Zero model is not of X's Zero ^^;. Still, I'm sure he'll be released eventually. and there is always the D-Arts figure to look forward to.

  3. The new TSF mechs from Muv Luv made by Kotobukiya aren't half bad either =p.
    I'm also really excited with the announcement of Zero, I prefer that design by far compared to the ones of the X series.

  4. Edit: The recent Kotobukiya releases are getting more decent. You might give a try with Armored Core or Zoids Lineup since they are one of the best lineup that Koto can offer.

    Personally i still prefer the newer Zero since it look more sleek compared to the classic Zero.