Wednesday, February 23, 2011

SRW Original Generations

Covering the Original Generation 1 part

I just finished the first part of the game and my impression so far is awesome! This game is definitely much better compared to GBA counterpart in terms of everything. I had played OG1 in GBA before and that was the gateway for me to get into this awesome series.

In this game you got to choose 2 characters as the main route though you will get both of them either way. I picked Ryuusei this time since i did Kyosuke run in GBA version. Pretty much the OG 1 is the spotlight for Ryuusei. For Ryuusei's route you can use SRX later in the game while in Kyosuke's you only see SRX for one stages which make his route more favorable Beware though, the first half of Ryuusei's route is quite annoying due to the water stages most of the time.

In terms of gameplay, there are some new features introduced in this game. The PS2 version introduce TWIN system which enable 2 units to form a team after both of them reach 110 willpower. Both of the unit will gain some bonuses depending on which unit they form team with and they can access their TWIN command which is more powerful version of Seishins that cannot be accessed normally. This game also introduce Custom Ammunition system which allow player to combine ammo effects that are dropped by enemies to make more powerful ammo effect and equip it on Ammo Based weapon.

This is my Ace pilots and as you can see Irm takes the top place since he is really awesome pilot despite his mecha is mediocre and His Ace Bonus is probably the best considering 45 Sp for Love is simply too awesome! Kyosuke seems to steal the spotlight in Ryuusei's route because he is the first guy in my team who go to the frontline and own the grunts. As for Masaki, he killed plenty of units since i spammed his Cyflash in the mid of the game which accumulate his kill counts.

For Extra stuffs, there are not so many new stuff in OG1 since Most of the Extras are in OG2 part. This mecha is the extra unit for this game, it is called Armorlion and pretty good melee supporting unit. I gave this Armored Module to Bullet since he can utilize his Innate Infight ability considering Huckebein Mk2 is Ranged unit. In terms of Difficulty this game surprisingly pretty easy, i used to feel that the game is really hard when i played the GBA version but this game is pretty much a cakewalk and i managed to unlock all of the secrets during my playthrough. Though the last 2 stages are pretty hard as supposed for Final stages.

This is the first part of the stage before the final one. in this part you will get to fight against Ingram in his R-Gun Rivale. Ingram's fight is pretty annoying since it is really hard to damage him and the battle mastery condition is making the situation even worse. Ingram is one of your former party and he mentors Ryuusei in the first half . He is pretty badass guy and one of my favorite as well.

Ingram is the one who scout for Ryuusei and too him in for SRX project. He is calm and composed which are necessary for a leader of his team. For your interest he is the 2nd person to fall victim for Kusuha's Health drink as Masaki being the first.

In OG Verse Ingram doesn't have his original Astranagant due to interference from mysterious 3rd party that prevent Euzzeth to give the necessary Material. If Ingram has his Astranagant, i don't think the SRW team will have an easy time fighting against him.

After you fight Ingram you will be brought to the 2nd half of supposedly final stage in GBA. you will fight Levi Tolar who is no other than Aya's sister, Mai in her Judecca. She is not that annoying compared to Ingram but her grunts are pretty tough one.

The final boss in this game is Septuagaint which i believed it was the secret boss in GBA version. The boss is not that strong though it is guaranteed that it will hit most of your members due to its high level. Compared to Kaiser Ephes, this guy is nothing though it can call several reinforcements which are pretty annoying. As long as you upgrade your main team, this guy is quite easy.

Despite OG1 is the time where Ryusei shines, Kyosuke is pretty much stronger than Ryusei when he is in R-1. Kyosuke might not have really strong attack as SRX but at least he can access to the strongest team attack in this game.

You might need to give Kyosuke Shishioh Blade considering most of his stronger attacks are ammo based and had rather low ammunition.Bullet Save skill also nice to have for him. Once Kyosuke reached Ace Status and Alteisen is fully upgraded, he is pretty much One man army for most of the stages.

These are the both screenshot for ATX and SRX team's ultimate attack. I had to say the animation is much more awesome compared to GBA version. Definitely the mecha animation of OGs is a good enough reason to play this game.

And here are some more of my Favorite attack animation, the TWIN attack are shown in this way considering the team member attack at the same time. Though the supporting unit attack is weaker and you can get the skill to remove the penalty in this game.

After playing the OG1 i am going to continue to play SRW Z which i heard the current best SRW game. I am now really considering to do OG2 parts since there are lots of extras in that game. if you finished SRW OG1 you will get some credit bonus in OG2 so you might consider to play OG1 part first if you are playing OGs.

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