Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ore no Imouto konna ni kawaii wake ga nai

Probably the most overhyped anime of last season.

One of the anime that finished watching recently and i would say i am not that impressed with the anime since it didn't turn out as promised. The anime turns out to be another typical slice of life anime which are abundant nowadays and it is pretty mediocre.The story is basically about an older brother who had trouble getting along with her perfect tsundere little sister who turns out to be a hardcore Otaku. First of all if you are going to watch the anime, don't expect any Wincest moments.

Ore no Imouto is an adaptation from a popular Light Novel series which are pretty frequent recently. The story is revolving around Kyosuke Kousaka, the male protagonist who had distant relationship with her little sister Kirino until he found out that her sister is an Otaku. He tried to be nice with Kirino though her sister turns out cold to him. Even so Kyosuke still keep helping her sister from some trouble and Kirino opens up a little bit and asked for advice from time to time.

Kirino Kousaka on a surface seems to be a perfect girl, she had really good school performance, excel
in sports and even work in modelling in the part time. But she turns up to be an Otaku who is into Mahou Shoujo and Eroge with imouto theme. In the anime despite she is tsundere, Kirino is rather different than the typical tsundere type since she is on the "tsun" side rather than "dere" most of the time. Kirino is pretty abusive little sister, she treats her brother pretty bad and constantly hitting him or verbally abuse him. Pretty much her character is designed in such a way that viewers will most likely despise her. I don't like her since her character is way too unrealistic since i don't think A perfect girl like her with a good social status would be a hardcore Otaku expecially she is into Incest Eroge and Mahou Shoujo stuff which Most Female anime fan avoids.

The anime is pretty mediocre since the stuff shown every episode are pretty much the same with other Slice of life anime. Just like other slice of life male protagonist, Kyosuke also had several possible love interest though for now he doesn't have any romantic relationship with any girl in particular. There are nothing really special shown on every episode unlike Yosuga no Sora which gained attention by having explicit H scene. In the end this anime is just another Otaku Pandering anime which seeks to milk their money from the merchandise.

A good thing that i find from this anime is that it provides some nice trivia about Otaku's life

For this series i really support pairing between Kyosuke and Kuroneko and apparently this pairing is pretty popular as well. Kuroneko cares Kyousuke much better than Kirino and i heard that she and Kyosuke became couple later on. Kuroneko is a better Tsundere considering she is not tsuntsun all the time and her dere side is pretty adorable.

Since i don't read the Light Novel, i cannot judge the series as a whole. The anime doesn't really impress me and left quite a bad taste afterward but perhaps 2nd season would be better. I heard the PSP game is pretty awful as well.

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