Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1/100 Huckebein Mk-II GET!

This is the something special that i mentioned before in the previous loot thread. I bought this kit from Yahoo Japan Auction through middleman service. I got the kit for a good bargain though the middleman service cost is quite a killer but at least the price is pretty much the same with the new one shipped by SAL from Japan.

Initially i thought i couldn't get this kit anymore since Kotobukiya will not reissue the kit anymore but with YJA i can get this kit which i had been looking for everywhere. This kit is my new Holy Grail since it is possibly my current rarest kit that i have, With this my 1/100 SRW collection is complete once and for all(except Koto plan to release any new 1/100 SRW kit which i doubt they would).

This kit also include Nonscale Bullet figure just like the 1/100 Alteisen and it is prepainted already. Probably Kotobukiya release these mini figures for their first SRW kits in order to attract people to get these kits. Too bad they didn't do it for their recent kits probably due to the cost to manufacture these statues or they are just being to stingy.

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