Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mecha Talk: VF-0S Phoenix

Supposedly the Variable Fighter Progenitor

For this mecha talk i will feature the Variable fighter from Macross series. This Variable fighter is one of my favorite design from Macross since it looks very cool especially the head design. VF-0S appeared in Macross Zero OVA and piloted by Roy Fokker.

VF-0S is the first prototype of Variable Fighter done by UN Spacy, this VF was built based on Extra Over Technology that was found from unknown object that fall on earth. The VF-0S is proven to be much better compared to the Fighter planes due to the versatility and manuverability and soon followed up by the mass production version; VF-0A and VF-0S. This VF will be the base of its Successor, VF-1 Series which are used to fight against Zentradi few years later.

Since the adaptation of the EOT was early, VF-0S used fossil fuels to power the engine thus rendering the operation time pretty short since the rate of fuel consumption is pretty high. Another issue is that this VF also unable to travel in Space as well since it is not designed yet for such purpose. The VF-0S is armed with Gunpod, Head Lasers and Micro Missiles. It also has 2 additional Packs: the Fast Pack and Armored Pack. The Fast Pack offer some more fire power and mobility as it provide more Micro Missiles and an unmanned Ghost Fighter which can be dispatched as remote weapon from the VF. As for Reactive armored pack it provide considerable firepower which is perfect for siege battle and durability in exchange of the mobility.

Some Macross fans might hate the design of VF-0S since it looks more advanced compared to its supposed Successor; VF-1 series (mainly due to the age gap which is 15 years between the series). The size of this VF is larger than VF-1 series since it takes more spaces for the engine parts considering the adaptation of the EOT was not at that time.

Roy Focker did quite a feat with this VF. He is capable to shoot down several SV-51 which are Variable Fighters that has better overall performance compared to VF-0s and they are developed by opposition side of VF-0S. By the end of Macross Zero, this VF meets its end of service when Fokker crash landing onto an island after destroying the battleship of the enemy.

This VF is one of good reason to watch Macross Zero since the battle scene in the OVA are pretty amazing. Too bad the story is abit confusing and thus this series is quite unpopular. i am planning another Macross Mecha talk after i did Mecha talk from other mecha series.

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